Thursday, 5 May 2011

FIFA Ultimate Team 11 – How To Make Coins, Fast!

My first and most important, tip for the manufacture of coins fast is to do your research before you buy or sell the cards. For example, say you have the Liverpool striker David N'Gog on your computer and do not need it. Instead of discarding it for 300 coins, the first thing to do is a quick search to see the average selling price is N'Gog. To do this, go to 'trade' and then 'Search' and then by selecting Oro, French in Liverpool ST and N'Gog search criteria will appear.

Now flick through the screens of the first and keep an eye out for any recurring prices, paying particular attention to the lowest price. When I did this search N'Gog lowest price was 500, and the most 5000, so I set my price just above the lowest at 600. Sold out within minutes, and I had made double what I would have been discarded.

Simple, but many players make the mistake of inventing a price instead of checking what others are selling the same card, then wonder why no one is buying. I imagine the guy trying to sell N'Gog for 5000 will be expecting a bit more just a few minutes.

The tip of the same applies to the purchase. Before going any precious coins into a player, a couple of minutes to scroll through the pages and find the lowest possible price. Even if you only save 100 coins you would have paid, which will help you make the currency more quickly in the near future, as we shall see in a minute.

Right, now what? Well have to go out and buy some players that you know you can sell quickly for a small profit, and there are some things you should think about here.

Most players search for gold cards, so are those that are more likely to be able to buy and sell in the shortest time possible, given the number of gold medals people of commerce, order to begin your search there.

Selected gold, my next step is to change the League of Barclays PL and this is a very good reason. The Premier League is the world's most popular league by far, and FUT players are much more likely to buy cards from players who know and like a player from another league unknown gold. In fact, not only FUT more likely to buy gaffers Prem players are also more likely to pay a little more than necessary for an insurance card if it happens to be a player that you're a fan of, or one that's been in excellent recent form in real life.

So now we are looking for gold level players Prem, what next? The other factor that gives an outlet for extra cards Pace. All players of the FIFA like to have rhythm in his team, again, these are the cards that sell faster and therefore they stand the best chance of obtaining a benefit.

Now we know what we are looking for we can identify some players and start shopping. This is where we return to the investigation, because now he has to find the gold level players with the pace Prem are sold below the prices as we go.

I know that sounds like a lot of work, but it really only takes a minute to identify a card you buy, then see what everyone is paying before setting up a business.

Once you win the card, immediately send their trade in the battery and put it on the market as a Buy It NowFor slightly above what you just paid, but not much. Therefore, if you signed a player for 400, put it on the 600.

If you have chosen a suitable player and he sensibly priced, you sell, because most managers do not mind paying the extra 100 or 200 coins to get the player right away rather than take their chances in a war tenders.

So now you have 200 coins. There is a huge amount right, but doing this for five players and it is up to 1000 coins in the starting amount.

With 1,000 coins that a player can hire all your money and sell it for 1500 if you follow the tips above - which gives you 500 coins for profit.

Repeat this a few times and, after half an hour or so of trading, you should look at a small profit and have a good amount of coins in the bank. Here is where you can really start making good profits, because the more expensive the player, the greater their talent and popularity, making it more desirable for administrators.

Caro, desirable cards = more profits for you.

Soon, you will buy cards of 10 thousand each and sells for 15,000 minutes later, as long as you stick to the identification of the players wanted and research prices before buying or selling.

And that's really simple huh?

The real advantage of doing your research is that, when they finally sign a player for a big fee you want to use on your computer, there is no risk if you find you do not like to use the player then put it back on the market more currency than you paid. You know you'll do more than they forked out, because you have done your research first.

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