Monday, 9 May 2011

no psn till next month ?

The Sony PSN outage is enough to no doubt send many of you “over the edge” with news of when it will finally resume. Since the PlayStation Secure Network went down on Wednesday 20th April, we have heard nothing but if’s and but’s from Sony as to when the service will finally come back. Following on from the PSN being hacked and then personal information such as credit cards, names and addresses of users being subjected to being tampered with, people have been left with a “bad taste in their mouths.” Today news may change gamers minds even more, with a view to changing over to Xbox to get their gaming fix.

Reported from via, the news is bleak! Rumor is now indicating that gamers will have to wait until at the least the 31st May to have the service back up and running. This actually would tie in with a post we issued a week ago indicating the self same thing. have reported that the PSN has a target of “May 31” to come back online.

Just over a week ago, Sony held a conference giving its customers a huge apology for the downtime, news of a “Welcome Back” campaign along with suggestion that they were indeed trying to fix the problem(s) with a view to resuming the service within the following week. Unfortunately that time has been and gone and if the news does end up with some truth in it, many of you will be saying a “few choice words.” Take a look at some of the other posts we gave you the weekend.

We told you that Sony is looking to entice customers with a new “debix” protection data service which is free until June, and just last night we told you that rumor has it, Sony may be retailing a PS3 Call of Duty: Black Ops package for $299.99 to entice customers to come back to them.

Are you ready to jump ship now? Have you had more than enough or are you prepared to wait? The big question is of the timescale customers have had to wait, is it justified? Let us know your thoughts.

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